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League of Legends
↳ Darius; The Hand of Noxus
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The naturalists’ miscellany : or Coloured figures of natural objects; drawn and described immediately from nature. on Flickr.

By Shaw, George, 1751-1813 
Nodder, Elizabeth
Nodder, Frederick Polydore,
Publication info London :Printed for Nodder & co,1789.
Contributing Library:
Museum Victoria
BioDiv Library

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Heavy is no longer the moon, but I hope it’s still good.

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Astonishing X-Men #060

I cannot stop laughing over Wolverine’s face


"I’m not homophobic but I am extremely aware that I am with an alternate universe version of myself that is gay and his boyfriend is carrying us while the most publicized gay X-Men is coming up from behind."

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MadLab キャラクターデザイン進捗 その2